Saturday 3 February 2024

Trimming basedatas has been generalised

It has long been possible to trim the basedata labels to keep only those that match either the selected tree or selected matrix.  

From Version 5 (actually 4.99_002 if you like development versions) it is possible to trim using a different basedata.  The interface has also been generalised in the process.    

There's not much to it, so here are some screenshots to demonstrate the process.  

Generalised trimming is accessed from the basedata menu

It has the usual interface where one can specify a new name.  "Trimming a clone" ensures it operates on a copy.  "Delete matching" allows one to invert the trim, i.e. if one wants to keep only the labels that do not match,

Any of the basedatas, trees or matrices in the project can be selected to use as the label source.  


Shawn Laffan


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