Wednesday 29 March 2023

Biodiverse version 4.2 has been released


Biodiverse version 4.2 has now been released.  

Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux (Ubuntu) are available and can be accessed via

Installation instructions are at

This release contains a small number of bug fixes and improved functionality. For the full list of issues and changes leading to the 4.2 release, see

Main changes:

  • GUI
    • Branch highlighting in the View Labels tab works again. This was broken in version 4.1. Issue #850.
  • Data imports
    • Raster imports now include the band labels if defined in multiband files. Issue #852.
    • Importing a raster now works when the nodata value is NaN. Issue #851.


Shawn Laffan


For more details about Biodiverse, see  

For a list of some of the analyses Biodiverse has been used for, see 

You can also join the Biodiverse-users mailing list at or start a discussion at