Saturday 3 February 2024

Map side menu: The tree plot controls are now a separate submenu, and some new features

From version 5 of Biodiverse the tree plot controls in the left side menu are now their own submenu.  This greatly simplifies the interface.

The displayed tree can now be exported, including the colours used when plotting the tree.  Previously the colours were not stored so this was not possible.  To export the colours corresponding to a specific cell then right click on that cell to fix the colouring in place.  This stops any further updates until another cell is clicked on.  The interface itself is unchanged, including the options to export the colours and an RGB geotiff of the spatial plot.  

In addition, there are several new plotting options that allow one to plot using equal and range weighted branch lengths.  


It is now possible to plot the tree using normal branch lengths, depth and also equal branch length and range weighted.  

The equal branch length tree is the alternate tree in the CANAPE protocol

The range weighted tree can be used to understand how PE works.  

The ranged weighted equal branch length tree can be used to understand the RPE index used in CANAPE.   


Shawn Laffan


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