Monday 27 October 2014

New export menu in analysis display tabs

Exports in Biodiverse 0.19 and earlier all had to be done from the outputs tab.  This meant that users had to switch from an analysis tab displaying the results of some calculations, which is a few too many mouse clicks to be described as easy.  That’s now a thing of the past. 

In Biodiverse 1.0 there is now an export menu at the left of the tab when the map is visible.  This is in all tabs which have a map: spatial analyses, spatial matrix plots, and cluster and region grower analyses. 

Spatial tab

Cluster tab

Matrix tab

As part of adding this functionality, the system now also defaults to the last list that was displayed if the export supports lists.  When you export your data from an open tab it will choose the one you are looking at as the default.  This applies to exporting from the Outputs tab as well, so you can still export the data you were looking at if you have closed the analysis tab or don’t want to navigate back to it.

The default list is the last one displayed. 

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Shawn Laffan 

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