Monday 12 August 2019

Version 2.99_005 released, Version 3 is next

The final development release in the 2.99 series has now been released (2.99_005).

Barring any major issues, this will be the final development release before Version 3 is released.

The main update in this version (from 2.99_004) is that the spatial patterns of cluster and region grower analysis outputs can now be exported to shapefile format, with each branch getting its own polygon or point features.  This means you can now use the polygon or point geometries for any branch in the tree for further analysis and/or display.  More details are in the blog post:

The more detailed summary of changes in the 2.99 series is at, and the related blog posts can be accessed via

This version can be downloaded from links on the downloads page at

Shawn Laffan


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